Surgeon X graphic novel vol 1

This was an amazing graphic novel. This is about a woman in the age of where surgeries costs are through the roof and only rich people can afford treatment and surgeries. The world cant use antibotics anymore as they no longer work due to over use.

surgeon x goes against the law in her underground operation theatre, where she helps out those who don’t have the money and need surgeries or medical help, even though if she gets caught she will be brought to justice by death.

She has to get around the government to get black market medicines and the equipment she needs to do the life saving surgeries.

I love the cover as its black and white it drew me in just by that. The art style is beautiful and I loved how it was set out, and how much action and twists were in the novel itself. It ended on a big cliff hanger so I can’t wait to get vol 2 to see what happens next.

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves futuristic, medical, evil unfair government kind of graphic novels.


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