I’m back

Hi all i am finally back. I know it has been ages since i have wrote on my blog and this is why.

I escaped from home, as home life wasn’t good and i had to get out. So i managed to escape and my girlfriend took me in till i got taken into supported housing. I now have my own little flat where i am finally free and can do what i want when i want.

I finally have indepedance and freedom which means more to me then what all of you would know.

I now can read till my heart content, and so there will be more blog posts, and if you guys would like an update on my life and how things are going, pop me a comment down below and i will update when something new and exciting happens.

I cant wait to share the books I have read, and am going to read with you all, and tell you my thoughts on each one.

Have an amazing day each and everyone of you, and stay safe during this pandemic and i will see you in my next blog post.


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