November TBR 2020

Hi guys, today I am going to share what books I want to read in Novermber. I keep these books right by my bed in a pile, so they are right there for me to grab and read.

Book 1 – Pegasus and the flame by Kate O’Hearn

This book is about a young girl called Emily, who’s life changes one dramatic day when a Pegasus crashes onto her roof. Her life soon fills with battles, epic chases, and captivating flights on the beautiful winged stallion as she goes on a heroic quest to save Olympus.

Book 2 – Feast of fools by Rachel Caine

This is the 4th book in the Morganville vampire books. I can’t say much about this book as it is the fourth book, but look out for my review coming next month if you want to see what its about and my thoughts on the book as i am loving this series.

Book 3 – The Warlord’s Legacy

This is the second book following on from The conquerors shadow. I cant go into what this book is about, but the first book was about a war to rescue a country and we follow some amazing strong characters and the troubles and battles they have to get through to do what they believe in.

Book 4- The children of willow farm by Enid Blyton

I have wanted to read all of Enid Blyton books for a while now and I found this one (and the next one) in a charity shop and had to get them. I dont know what this book i about, so you will have to look out for my review coming soon as I want to dive into these books knowing nothing.

Book 5 – Hurrah for the circus by Enid Blyton

This is the other Enid Blyton book I got from the charity shop. I can’t want to see what this book holds. I have been interested in these books since i was young and I hope to collect and read even more of them to review and put my thoughts on them out there

Book 6 – The Storm sister by Lucinda Riley

This is the second book in the Seven sisters series. I read the first book many years ago, and I cant wait to finally read the second one. To hear my throughts and hat this book is about, look out for my upcoming review on this book.

I hope you enjoyed my TBR, what book do you want to read in Novemeber, let me know in the comments and I will see you in my next blog post x


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