The Witching Hour graphic novel

Hi eveyone, so its nearing the spooky time of halloween and so i decided to pick up and read this awesome graphic novel called the witching hour.

First thing, the cover is just beautiful, love how the girl is wrapped in a stars and moon cloth, its simple yet beautiful.

In this graphic novel we follow 5 witches, Miss white, grey, Mr blue, Mr black and red, but we mainly follow one witch Miss white, both back in time and at the present.

It tells the story of what all the witches are up to at the moment, trying to pull in humans to do magic for them, to help their lives, all for a hidden price. We also go back in time here for a story which is really cool, as we get to see what happened back in the 1600 with witches and their families. We follow the story back in time with Miss White and what she sacrificed for all witches in the future, and how she comes back, reincarnated and how she finds herself and find her way back to Mr Grey again

I loved how the style went from black and white to old comic book colours, it made it more fun and interesting to read.

I loved reading this especially in the spooky time coming up, I love all things to do with witches and the wiccan side of things.

What comic books do you like? Let me know in the comments and i will see you in my next blog post x


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