Comic Book and Graphic Novel Haul #1

Hi everyone, I have a very exciting and nerdy haul to share today of comic books and a couple graphic novels. If you like this haul please leave a like and I will do more of these in the future.


Firstly here is the graphic novels I picked up. There is Coffin Hill, which I saw and it grabbed my attention as I have never heard of it before, but looks like something I would love. Its has witchcraft in which is one of my favourite things in a comic or graphic novel, so I can’t wait to get round to reading this.

The second one I grabbed is Witchblade Family Ties. I was so happy when I saw this and you will see, I love the Witchblade comics, and when I saw the graphic novel I just had to get it. It has an awesome badass female character, and its full of action.


The first lot of comics I picked up was some more of my favourite series, Witchblade. I got number 71 to 75 and I cant wait to continue reading this and grab the next lot also, so look out for that haul.


The next lot of comics, and final lot for this haul. I got Legendary Red Sonja, which just looks amazing. I got number 1 and 2, and these are a steamunk version on red sonja which is just awesome as i love steampunk.

I also got number 10 and 11 of The Autumnlands, which is a fantasy comics, full of different creatures. I love the simple yet beautiful covers that they have.

Lastly I grabbed Valhalla Cindermane, I had never heard of this comic till now, but it looks awesome. I love comics with main strong female characters. I got drawn in by the amazing front cover and can’t wait to see what this comic has install for me.

I hope you enjoyed this comic book haul, Would you like to see more comic book hauls and mini reviews, if so leave me a comment or like, and I will see you in my next blog post x


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