The Final Empire By Brandon Sanderson Book Review

Pages: 647

Release date:  October 1st 2009

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Blurb: In a world where ash falls from the sky, and mist dominates the night, an evil cloaks the land and stifles all life. The future of the empire rests on the shoulders of a troublemaker and his young apprentice. Together, can they fill the world with colour once more?
In Brandon Sanderson’s intriguing tale of love, loss, despair and hope, a new kind of magic enters the stage— Allomancy, a magic of the metals.

My Review: This was an emotional amazing book.
We follow two characters, vin a young girl who is a slave/crew member to a nobleman. Vin knew there was something different about her, she can create luck somehow but don’t know how. One day she gets into a scrape with her master and almost dies. But she is saved by Kelsier.
We also follow kelsier who is a misborn, he can burn different metals inside him and use them for different things like strength, hightenes senses and more.
Kelsier saved vin as he knew she was not ordianry and they soon find out that vin is also a mistborn.
Kelsier trains vin, teaching her how to use her powers.
He is also planning to overthrow the final empire by killing the dark lord somehow.
He has a group of people who sets up everything that he needs to create chaos and war.
Vin has to play the part of a noblewoman to try and learn hidden secrets of the higher noble houses.

This book was packed full of mystery, action, and so many twists and turns.
I did not see the ending coming, i was so shocked and almost cried. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book as i want to know more and i still have unanswered questions that need to be answered

I hope you enjoyed this book review, If you have read this book, what was your thoughts? Let me know in the comments and i will see you in my next blog post.

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