Fun Gossip #1

Hi everyone i though i would make a page that just has fun gossip in and of course book related things so here is my first fun post.

Today i recieved the first season of gossip girl, yes i know i am late with all the craze but hey at least i am getting round to watching it.

So far i have completes disk one and omg i love it. It was just what i was looking for in a tv series.

Also i have brought a bunch of book which of course will be in a haul as soon as they arrive. The toughest part is choosing which one to read first.

I also brought the first season of gilmore girls, has anyone else watched them? what do you think?

I have been reading more of my current book which is the final empire and omg, it is getting intense, i cant wait to see how the ending turns out!!!

On another note i am on a diet and have been for months and i am loosing size so clothes shopping yay.

My two guinea pigs are so cute they keep taking and they come up to the bars of the cage for kisses. They just melt my heart.

The heat here is so hot, its unreal. I think i am melting. At least the sun is good for my plants, i have raspberries and tomatoes growing, Also some beautiful sunflowers which are blooming. They are just so bright and cheerful.

How has your day been?

If you like this new concept of my blog leave a like. Whats should i talk about next time, do you guys have any topics? Leave your reply in the comments and i will see you in my next blog post.


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