It All Falls Down By Sheena Kamal Book Review

In this book we follow two people, one is a woman called Nora and one is a man called Brazuca.
Nora feels like there is someone watching her all the time. One day when she was in the park a man she had seen follow her came up to her and told her that her dad didn’t die the way she thought, he did not commit suicide. With this shocking new infomation Nora decided to head to Detroit where her father grew up.
Once there she gets many doors shut in her face and dead ends, but as she keeps searching she soon finds out infomation not only on her dad but also on her mother and why she left her and her sister when they were young.
Brazuca is a freelance private investigator, but he has not had work in a while. One day a friend asks for his help. A young woman who his friend loved died from an overdose and he wants Brazucas help to find out the drug dealer that sold her the drug she overdosed on and who is traffiking the drugs.
It soon turns dangerous and he finds out that there is a gang who is in link with a woman called Nora as they are trying to kill her.
We follow them both on their dangerous adventures.
This book was amazing. It always kept me thinking and wondering what was going to happen next.
Then ending was really good but also i wanted more from where it left off.

I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads

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