Sleeping Beauties By Stephen King Book Review

This was an amazing and unique book.
The world is just as it should, untill one day it all changes. Women are falling asleep and not waking up. They also have these cocoons growing over their body and no one knows what to do.
They call it the aroura sleeping virus.
One day a strange woman shows up that is not like no other. We soon find out that she is not human and she knows that is going on. As this is all a test to see how the male population would cope without women and what they would do to get them back.
This was an brilliant story. So many new twists and questions answered while reading it.
I couldn’t put this book down as i wanted to know what happened to the women and what the men would do to try and get them back.
Then ending was action packed and amazing.
I highly recommend this book to anyone that like supernatrual, action and mystery

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads.

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