After The Cure By Deirdre Gould Book Review

This book was amazing. this book is about what happens after a plauge outbreak which turned people into zombies, and they found a cure. This book follows Nelle and her journey throughout this book. She was first in the medical camp helping administer the cure and looking after the people there. Then she finds a new job as a psychologist for the court. In court there is the person who created the plauge in the first place. She and Frank (met through the court case) soon discovery there is a recharged bacteria somewhere which would course a much worse plauge and that it would be uncureble. So they have to work together to find out where the recharged bacteria is and to stop the next breakout.
This book had me on the edge of my seat at many points. There were also many shocking twists and turns. some made me angry at certain characters and some made me cry. This book also had a love aspect which i really enjoyed, as it fitted in well.
The ending is what shocked me the most and it made me cry which i wasn’t expecting at all.
This book was written very well. i loved the reading pace, and the writer made you feel what was happening in this book, so you felt connected to the characters.
I highly recommend this book to those who really want to know what happens after a zombie outbreak and for those who want a gripping story to read.
This is the first book in a series, and i cant wait to buy and read the rest of them.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads.

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Happy Reading

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