Uglies By Scott Westerfeld Book Review

This was an amazing book.
We are in this world, where people are uglies, until they have a big operation that changes you to a pretty. But this operation changes almost everything about you.
We follow a girl named Tally. It is only a few weeks away from her 16th birthday, and on that date she will turn pretty.
As she was playing a trick she met Shay and they became best friends. But Telly doesn’t know that Shay will turn her life around.
Shay does not want to stay in uglyville, she want to get freedom, in the smoke, a wild place outside the city borders.
Shay explains her plans to Tally and she wants Tally to run away with her. Tally refuses, but Shay still goes all on her own to find David, the unofficial leader of the smoke.
On Tally birthday she is taken to the hospital, but something wrong. She gets sent to the specials, and is force to leave the city and follow Shay to spy on them and get them all back.
We follow Tally on her journey to find the smoke.
There are secrets, twists, turns, shocking moments, and love.

This was an amazing book that ended on a cliff hanger, which i can’t wait to see what happens next.

I recommend this book to anyone that like, mystery, adventure, and weirdness

 I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads.
I hope you enjoyed this review, if you did please leave a like. What book pulled you in from the first page? Let me know in the comments and i will see you in my next blog post

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