The Fear by C.L Taylor Book Review

This was a great book about sexual grooming and what effects it has on all people involved.
We follow 3 people mainly in this book, Louise, Wendy and Chloe.
We follow Louise in both the present and the past. In the past she was sexually groomed by a man called Mike. He got into her mind and took her all the way to France but he doesn’t intend to return her to England. In the present she moves back to her own town where mike still lived, she wants to confront him and tell him how he ruined her life. As she goes to confront him at his job a nightmare is relived in front of her eyes. She sees him with a young teenage kissing her, the girl is Chole.
We follow Chloe on her journey of mixed feeling and she is fully in love with Mike but she has no idea that he is actually grooming her and she thinks its true love. One day when mike goes missing she thinks he has left her because she would not sleep with him yet. She thinks its all her fault.
Louise tries to confront Chloe and tell her that Mike is not who she thinks he is, but Chloe is under Mikes control in her mind.
We also follow Wendy, Mikes ex wife and how she tries to get close to Louise and she thinks that she was the reason that her marriage went down the drain. And she blamed her for the whole thing because mike has fed her lies turning it on Louise for controlling him.

This book was amazing and very emotionally eye opening. It was written so well and i loved how all the chracters intertwined in each others lives.
There was some very shocking parts in this book that pulled on my heart strings and some parts made me angry, i hates mike from the beginning.
I highly recommend this book it was a truly eye opening and an emotional read.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads.

I hope you enjoyed this book review, if you did please leave a like. What book are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments and i will see you in my next blog post


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