The Girl Before by JP Delaney Book Review

This book was so thrilling to read and i loved how it switched between the past and present.

We follow two women, Emma in the past and Jane in the present.

Jane get the opportunity of a life time after she is searching for a house she can rent for cheap and finds one that is minimalist but perfect, but to move in she has to fill out a huge application form and the landlord has so so many rules for her to follow if she wants to live in this house. It was the same for Emma too.

Jane decides to move in despite all the rules from the landlord. Emma also chooses to as well as she wants a fresh start.

Jane soon discovers that the last tenant Emma dies here falling down the stairs. Her old boyfriend leaves flowers there to keep her memory alive. Jane soon discovers there is more to Emma’s death than a simple accident.

The house itself is all electronic and it reads your mood and how your looking after the house, which starts to creep Emma and Jane out.

This was a very interesting book that kept me hooked as i wanted to find out how Emma died and what was going to happen to Jane now she is in that house.

I loved how it flicked between the two main characters that are in different times as we got to see how things changed and what truly happened to Emma.

There was many shocking twists and turns but the ending shocked me the most as i didn’t see it coming, it was the perfect ending to the book though.

I would recommend this to anyone that likes mystery and secrets.

This was an amazing book to read and i gave it 4 out of 5 stars on goodreads


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