20 Questions Book Tag

Hi everyone i am back with a tag that i found randomly and really liked so i am going to do it as its fun. If you like this post please leave a like.

  1. How many books is too many in a series?  I would say around 6+ as its seems to get more slow and boring after that.
  2. How do you feel about cliffhangers? I love them as it makes you want to know what happens next and your more eager to find out.
  3. Harcover or paperback? Paperback as they are easier and lighter to hold.
  4. Favourite book? The Treatment by C.L Taylor
  5. Least favourite book? I honestly don’t have one yet.
  6. Love triangles, yes or no? Depending on the book as some authors make them amazing while some don’t
  7. The more recent book you just couldn’t finish? None i have finished every book i have read up to date.
  8. A book your currently reading. Crossed by Ally Condle, the second book in the matched trillogy.
  9. Last book you recommended to someone? Red Queen as it was amazing.
  10. Oldest book you’ve read? Of mice and men
  11. Newest book you’ve read? The girl before by JP Delaney
  12. Favourite author? C.L Taylor
  13. Buying books or borrowing them? Buying as i love to have my own books to read in my own time.
  14. A book you dislike that everyone seems to love? For some reason a Court of thorns are roses, i just didn’t like it.
  15. Bookmarks or dogears? Bookmarks all the way.
  16. A book you can always re read? Her by Felicia Johnson as its so deep and close to heart.
  17. Can you read while hearing music? No i need some peace when reading so i can absorb the infomation.
  18. One pov or multiple povs? Multiple i love seeing things from other characters point of views.
  19. Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days? Multiple days as i have a busy life, and my fibromialgia makes it hard to hold a book for too long.
  20. One book you read because of the cover? Too many to count, covers are one of the main selling points to me.

I hope you enjoyed this fun tag, and learnt more about me through this tag. Have an amazing day and i will see you in my next blog post.

Also if you have any book related tags you would like to me do just leave a comment and i would be more then happy to do them.

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