Matched by Ally Condie Book Review

This book was unique and set in the future but a very possible future i think. Everything is controlled in this world, from food, to jobs, to dating. In this world you get ‘matched’ to a boy at a matched banquet and this is the person you have to spend your life with.

We follow Cassia through her as she first get matched. As a shock a very rare thing happens, she gets matched with someone in her own town, and it not other then her best friend Xander. Both of them are so happy to be matched. One day she entered in her matched chip into the computer, first it dhows a pic of Xander but then shows a picture of another boy who she also knows, From this she starts bumping into the other boy more and more. She thinks it of strange at first but soon gets close to him and now her heart is falling for him, but this is not allowed and Xander is her match so she is only allowed to be with him.

She gets so confused, and has one big decision to make, follow her heart of follow what the society wants and be with Xander.

There are lots of twists and turns, but i love the romance in this book, reaching for a love you can never have.

I fell in love with the main characters and hated that the society wants to control everything. They play mind games on you too which is even weirder.

This was such a fun read and the ending left my heart with so many emotions so i had to buy the next book in this triology to read.

I gave this 5 out of 5 stars on goodreads.

I hope you liked this book review, if you did please leave a like. If there are any book recommendations or books you would like to see reviewed just leave me a comment and i will see you in my next blog post.


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