An Evil Mind by Chris Carter Book Review

This book was not like any other crime book i have read, it took a whole new spin on it, as they all ready have the killer, just don't know where the bodies are. We follow Robert Hunter as he interviews the killer and tries to find out what he knows. He is shocked to... Continue Reading →

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Book Review

This book was action packed and a very fun read. In this world there are two different types of people, the reds and the silvers. They are know as this for the colour of their blood. The silvers rule over the reds as the silvers have powers and the reds don't. The silvers are rich... Continue Reading →

The Treatment by C.L Taylor Book Review

This book was so gripping I was hooked from the beginning. This book follows a girl called Drew. Her brother Mason got expelled from school and is sent to the residential reform academy. At first she was relieved as she thought this would help straighten him out but she soon finds out something shocking. This... Continue Reading →

20 Questions Book Tag

Hi everyone i am back with a tag that i found randomly and really liked so i am going to do it as its fun. If you like this post please leave a like. How many books is too many in a series?  I would say around 6+ as its seems to get more slow... Continue Reading →

Matched by Ally Condie Book Review

This book was unique and set in the future but a very possible future i think. Everything is controlled in this world, from food, to jobs, to dating. In this world you get 'matched' to a boy at a matched banquet and this is the person you have to spend your life with. We follow... Continue Reading →

Book Haul #1

hi everyone its time for a little book haul and i couldn't resit a sale that was on and its books!!!. I am going to be posting pictures of them all and no description as i love going into books without knowing so here is what i brought. I have wanted most of these books... Continue Reading →

Her by Felicia Johnson Book Review

This book was a very informative and emotional book. It's about a girl who tried to commit suicide and wakes up to find herself in the hospital. After she has recovered from her injuries she is then sent to a special clinic for people with mental illnesses. She creates friends there but it takes time.... Continue Reading →

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